Friday, March 09, 2007

The start of Spring Break

So the kids' start Spring Break after school today and (whohoo) are going to stay with their dad for the week (and two weekends). I will take them halfway to him this evening and then we will meet up the following Sunday (before the race).

I'm looking forward to it. The boys are looking forward to it. I'm sure the ex is. But, K not so much. The first reason is leaving her friends. She is at that age when friends are far more important than family. The other reason is that the ex plans to introduce the kids to his girlfriend (and I think her kids). Fine. But, K is freaking out about it. So I told her this:

"Give her a fair chance. Don't just judge her right off and if you have any thoughts that liking her would be betraying me. Don't worry. It is fine. You can like her if you want to."

I know she is worried about that and I just want her to know that it is okay. I plan to make sure they know I love them which I know they know. I tell them all the time to the point I get the eye rolls and "Mom! I know." to which I usually do a super mushy voice saying, "But I lovey you." They usually laugh a bit.

I know I am going to miss them like crazy but I am also really looking forward to some much needed alone time! And, ya know what is really sad, one of the things I am must looking forward to...... Cleaning my house. Yeah I'm getting old.


Tree said...

EJ, you are an awesome mom. Good for you for letting K know that it is okay to like ex-h's girlfriend and that she would not betray you if she did. You are very strong and absolutely right on for doing that.

Esmerelda said...

I'm so in awe of you. I have enough trouble with weekends (this is one of them). You are strong and smart and perfect.

Enjoy and think of how you'll be so happy when they're home, but in the meantime you get to enjoy a clean house!!

g-man said...

Enjoy the "down" time, make sure amidst the cleaning you take some time for yourself. That's some good 'mommy'n' there mam.

TxGambit said...

Y'all are going to make me cry! I'm not all strong and wonderful as you make me sound. I'm just a grown-up and gotta do the grown-up thing. I wonder if I will cry on the way home?

Thanks for the kind words of support!

Oh yeah! I got me some plans to take care of me!

Mayberrys said...

EJ, I can think of *one* thing you can do as "me time".
Hee heee heee

TxGambit said...

K (mayberry),
I can think of a lot more than ONE thing! lol.... I have "me" time scheduled today at 2:30! I sooo can't wait!