Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Panic Attack

I am embarassed to admit this but I'm having a panic attack or maybe more of an anxiety attack. I haven't had one in soooo long it is weird especially because I do not know what triggered this one.

I have no way to calm myself right now either so I'm reaching out to the blogging world as a way to try and calm myself. If I write maybe I will relax. Music is not working.....

I can't stop shaking and it is freaking me out! Do I "sound" panicked? I am!

Okay enough of my weirdness. I just had to put it out there in the hopes that I can calm down. I want to but my mind and body are not in sync. Maybe I should revisit the whole Paxil or Zoloft thing again.

UPDATE: Still a few hours later, I'm still feeling not quite right though the attack itself is over. Ya know that feeling after you have worked out like crazy and you can feel fatigue in all your muscles even your hair hurts? Yeah that is what this feels like and I feel like crying now that the actual attack part is over. I think it is a combination of craziness at work and the fact that I was talking with the ex via email all day (ironing out details for the kids' visit this weekend/next week). I am sure I will feel better soon.... I will head to the bath soon and enjoy the stress reliever foaming bath that my wonderful friend gave me for my Bday! So panic attack over..... body will be back to normal soon....


g-man said...

Sorry crazy lady. I hope you feel better. On behalf of the whole internet, I'm sorry we were not here sooner for you.

TxGambit said...


Ya know my PIMs had my back! so no problem Internet world. All is well today.... except for that whole "morning after" feeling for the chaos I feel I caused.

One Crazy Lady

Esmerelda said...

Been there. Done that. Got a hat and a T Shirt.

The good news is that I'm too freakin' exhausted these days to panic. Glad you're better.

TxGambit said...


That is why I miss running! I never had them when I was running.

Good news it that I am going to try to get back to it... Very slowly! V.E.R.Y slowly.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Sorry you had a bad one! :(((