Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's talk about sex

That's right ladies and gentlemen. Its Hot Monkey Sex Friday (HMSF). In honor of that, I thought.... "Let's talk about it!" especially since I have somethings on my mind that I'm a bit nervous to share with the person I want to share them with and what better way to say it than in a public place.... Kind of like going on a talk show to announce a big secret, right?

So Trapped posted something, and I thought about calling him out on this, then thought better of it and then in the end decided to just do it. Either he will forgive me because I'm damn cute or he won't and at least I had a good blog out of it..... (that is soooo wrong!). But.....

Once upon a time, Trapped posted this. He says women, if you don't like the sex you are getting talk about it. I don't disagree with it! However, I have comments. I have been so swamped busy I didn't really comment fully yet. So since I'm totally and completely frustrated here (doing it myself is just not cutting it anymore)! I haven't had HMS (or any sex any day of the week) for a few weeks. The last time I did was freakin' great but left me just wanting more and more. That's good but bad.

So what do I want to talk about? Well one of the things on my mind is sexual styles and preferences. I think that with different people we have different likes/dislikes. I know I'm not the same with different guys... at least I don't think so. I have limited experience since pre-marriage....back then I had a lot of flings and just one really long relationship (Hi, JJ! Miss you babe.... Hope the fam is well)..... Always different. Then I'm with Goofball and well, all I want to do is kiss him.... well not all I want to do, but I can't stop kissing him long enough to give him what I really, really and I mean really want to! (I know he is out there rolling his eyes saying I don't believe it)..... A BJ. Yep that's right, gawd, I want to do that so bad! Everytime I'm with him I think about it but just can't stop kissing him to do it, well that and nerves.

.... I'm nervous as H.E.L.L! to do it. What if I don't do it well? I have only done that to 3 other guys and I have never ( I can't believe I'm going to admit this).... gotten a one of them to climax (okay my ex-h once but we were having angry sex, that's different, it was right before we filed for divorce.... I think). So does that mean I'm bad or just .... what? My ex(s?) would probably tell you differently because I could get them all damn close but just couldn't get it over that.... whatever. One guy I know for sure I wouldn't have been able to. He had the stamina of a .... I don't know something? But, I was with him for a year and he begged for more. Ugh!

Nuff embarassing myself with BJ talk.... and oh what was my point anyway? I was saying sex styles/preferences. I have never liked being on top. Never really felt good to me. There was one guy I was with that preferred this, fine. I did it with him but it was only okay, did nothing for me. But, I do like most other positions and I am very open to trying new things. I also like rough sex.... Ha, ha... I can hear Goofball laughing! But, its true expect with him so far, I just can't seem to want to have it too rough or hard or wild. I honestly like the way it is with him and I hate it to change, but it will and that's okay because it already has a little bit and it just got better so I am hoping for more of that getting more comfortable with each other to try new things and then maybe I will step out of my "holding back" mode that I'm in and let him see a little more of that side of me......

I can't believe I'm posting all this. I am just waiting for the emails and comments now.... I can see all the people coming here now because they did a search for "sex" and found me. That is another reason I haven't posted this before.

Well hope you were educated. Maybe more than you wanted!! Enjoy HMSF!!


Esmerelda said...


Someone once said even a bad BJ is still a BJ...but I couldn't make my X husband climax, either.

Good luck sorting THAT shit out.

TxGambit said...

I know but I would just rather skip the bad BJ and just give a rockin' one. Ya know?

So nerves continue!

trappedintime said...


Jenny said...

I cannot believe i missed this post!

Okay, just between you and me? Everything I learned about blowjobs I learned from prostitutes. God, that should be the name of my book.

for real though...those shows like "Cathouse" really show some fabulous techniques. The thing I learned the most about though is that all men like it a bit different. Some like it with (oh god, i'm just going to go right out and write it) lots of suction, some with teeth, most without, some like it when you rinse with scope first so your mouth is tingly, and some guys don't like it at all. the trick is to start out slow and just see how he responds. And if he doesn't seem like he's into it then tell him to teach you how to please him.

It sounds ridiculous but in love...what isn't?

trappedintime said...