Sunday, March 04, 2007

The next few months....

Well tomorrow will start another busy workweek. I work in HR at a large Oil and Gas company. We smack dab in the middle of our Spring College Recruiting. This is huge for us and busy. The next three weeks at work will be maddening busy, just like the last two have been. But, then even after we get done with the Onsite Visits and getting offers out and tracking, tracking, tracking.... we will be gearing up for our Summer Interns. This is another huge part of my job. We have to plan the kick-off, activities and events plus the Intern end of summer presentations.

I love my job!!

So then personal life looks a bit like this for the next, I would guess 2 months or so.

This coming weekend, take the kids to their dad. We have agreed to start meeting halfway to do the "kid drop".

Hopefully the big schedule wheel of fortune will also land so that Goofball and I will get to see each other..... If not, this will probably be the last chance for me to see him for a while. No Fridays together this month, just as much my schedule as his. (April doesn't look much more promising)

So the weekend of March 9-11 should be a good weekend.

Then the next weekend, I have a family party at my cousin's, J, house. It is for me, our grandmother, another cousin and J's girlfriend. We are the March bdays.

Pick the kiddos up on Sunday.

Hopefully the next two weekends will be fairly quiet because I have to get ready for April.....

Of course there is Easter Weekend, then a cousin's wedding (other side of family), then a trip to Dallas to meet up with my awesome friends!!!, then a family reunion the next and then another cousin is getting married and then I think we are at mother's day. By then school is almost out! and the kiddos will be going to their dad's for most of the summer. But first they want to have an end of the year party (this is Party Central afterall).

But, ya know, during all this, the kiddos are signed up for Baseball (H) and Soccer (K & L). So I am sure there will be games on the weekends, practice during the week.

What did I get myself into! :)

Just kidding! I'm soooo not complaining. I like it, I love it!

Anyway, just sharing as I don't know if I will as much time to write but I definitely will try. I like having this outlet for my thoughts. It is my brain dumping ground for the most part.


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning TxGambit !

You are going to be VERY busy for the next few months, that's for sure !

That is great that you love your job - it makes the days and weeks go by happily !

Hope you get to see Goofball --

And happy birthday in March !

Blessings to you and the kiddos...

trappedintime said...

That's gonna be one or two sucky months for ol' goofball.

TxGambit said...

Loving Annie,

Welcome back! Yes it should be busy, but we will get through it with some humor, I'm sure.


Yeah kind of sucky for me too. I kinda like that ol' goofball.