Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day Two without the kids

Not that I am counting.... okay maybe a little. I love the break I am getting and I'm soo glad they get time with their dad but I am missing them like crazy.

So day one went great. I finally, finally found a comforter that I like, no love. It was on sale and got some sheets (which weren't originally on my list) for more than half off.... ($120 -> $40).

Then I got some new blinds for most of the windows. There are 3 main windows: Living room, K's bedroom and my bedroom. And, they all needed new blinds. I got the 2" Faux wood ones. The cat will have a MUCH harder time bending these all to hell.

Had an appt at the salon. Niiiice. Gotta love "me" time.

Went to the store, got just a small cart of stuff.

Came home and cleaned like crazy. Ate a nice dinner in bed while watching a movie (Little Miss Sunshine..... because I am that far behind on movies).

Today is shaping up like this. I'm about to head over to Target. Why? Vacuum cleaner. Mine broke. It was a second-hand one from my mom. If I don't find one fairly cheap though, I might just try to fix this one yet again.

Then dad will be over to help me with the blinds.

More cleaning.

NASCar is in Vegas, baby! Gotta watch at least part of the race, if not all of it.

Then get ready for my evening. What is this evening? Goofball. Nuff said.....

Hope everyone has a great Sunday..... and don't forget about the time change.

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Esmerelda said...

Enjoy hte goofball!