Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day one without kids

Today is day one. I have tons planned but yet I am sitting here blogging. Yeah I'm addicted, just a bit!

The drop off went fine. I didn't cry.... almost but didn't. I did find out that the ex is moving in with his girlfriend.... Niiice. Oh well. What I think is the funniest part, he was scared to tell me. He still thinks I'm evil. Whatever!

So I just had to share that K called. She started her period (for the record not her first). She didn't want to tell her dad so she asked me too. Bhahaha! That was a funny conversation. My poor baby. She is still really embarassed about getting it and this is the worst time for her to get it.

Well off to my day of shopping and cleaning and me time and whatever else I feel like doing!


trappedintime said...

After the full 24 hrs, you're likin it!

TxGambit said...

Oh I like it but I am missing them quite a bit.

I need a distraction!!! :)

g-man said...

That had to suck for K. Poor girl.