Thursday, March 08, 2007

I don't like people - Part II

So back in January I wrote this. Now again, don't get me wrong, I am not like a crazy person talking under my breath about killing people.... but I do have issues. I will just smile politely and think "Idoit get a clue"

Today I went over to the caferteria at work. I was in line to get my food. (Chicken and veggies, yum). When it was my turn, I ordered and moved to the very end of the counter thingy, the "pick-up" part. The guy behind me should have stayed at the "order" part.... but instead stayed right with me like glue. "Hello moron, personal space. This is my bubble, get the f#$% out of it!" For the record, there was nobody behind him there was no reason for him to move forward or be soooo close to me. As it was he was yelling to people that were already sitting down. "Ah come on. Shut up and back the f$%^ up!"

I just took my food, smiled, paid and came running back to my quiet, empty office to hide!

I'm not having a good week with my whole anxiety being elevated. My anxiety level is near another breaking point and that really, really didn't help it at all. (I'm sure it is elevated because of taking the kids to the ex tomorrow but that's a whole other story.)

Oh well, what can I do? Nothing. It just gives me something fun to blog about!!!!

Okay honestly, I would love to write a book about depression, anxiety and mental health. I still believe there is a whole stigma (or maybe a different word... but what I mean is it is still fairly hush-hush, don't talk about it stuff) about mental health but so many more people than we realize suffer from it. People that on the outside look and act perfectly normal but are screaming on the inside. I do think with the whole blogging thing, more people are admitting to mental health problems but I still don't think there is enough awareness of it or how to fix it or signs you have a problem and on and on and on.....

I lost my point.... Oh yes..... I don't like people in my personal space or as my kids say "My bubble."


tony said...

try doing it to him next time he is in the que get really close and ignore him he wont like it


TxGambit said...

Welcome Tony in Liverpool!

That is a good idea. I may try that, if I see him again.

g-man said...

Or step on his toes, literally! :) Or rummage through your purse and whip out a feminine hygiene product. and put it on his tray! :) I don't know about you but the thought of that made me laugh and now I feel better.