Monday, February 19, 2007

6 Odd things about me

Tagged by Esmerelda to do 6 odd things about me. I have been thinking about this for a few hours now.... It actually took some thinking about I think I have picked the best odd things. Enjoy!

1. My favorite part of boot camp was going in the gas chamber. Yes really. They march us into a room where we are actually wearing gas masks. They start the gas and then make us take the masks off!

2. When I was 4, I cut my finger off by pulling a table saw over on myself. They were able to put it back on....

3. Until now, I haven't dated a guy with brown eyes. I have dated roughly 30-ish guys. 2 with green eyes and 1 with gray but the rest were blue.

4. I was in the Navy for 8 years and except for visiting my best friend on her ship, I was never on a ship.

5. I was in Girl Scouts until I graduated high school. I was a good cookie pusher!

6. When I'm in the car, I get bored.... so I play a game with myself. Here is how it goes. I try to make words out of license plates, well really what ever pops in my head first..... Today I saw one that was ### - TYL..... So I don't do anything with the numbers but the letters I said "Thank you letter."

So those are my 6. Now, guess what? Tag you're it!!!! You now have to do 6 of your own.

Thanks Es, that was actually kind of fun!


Esmerelda said...

In the Navy...and Never on a thing you know, you'll say you were a Marine and never had sex with a MAN!! :-D

greeblemonkey said...

OK, in the gas chamber - did you hold you breath and then pass out? Did they time how long you could stay in there? Like, WHAT? That's flipping crazy!

And I do the thing with letters and license plates all the time.

TxGambit said...


Okay so we go in the gas chamber with the mask on. We stand in lines of like 7-8 people. They start the gas and the first line is told to take off their masks. Then we have to say our name, rank, SSN and then we can leave.... The idea is so we would know what it feels like. Just in case, so if it happens, we know.

trappedintime said...

The darker the eyes the more the sh.t! Dark eyes = full of it.

g-man said...

I wasn't so big sucking up the CS gas, I managed not to barf.

That had to hurt.

{blink, blink} once you've gone brown ... ;)

What did you do for the Navy that warranted no ship duty?

I have enough trouble figuring out what the vanity plates say much less the random ones.

Fun post.

Tree said...

I do the license plate thing a lot, too! And I do remember that you cut off your finger, but I did not know about the gas chamber!

TxGambit said...

Well I know it must hold true with you. :)

Thanks for the drop by! No ship duty because I just got really lucky! I was a Yeoman. Worked at a Helicopter Training Squadron and then NATO.

You, me and Aimee all do that! Kinda coool. I miss you!!!!