Monday, February 05, 2007

Watch out for flying pigs....

.... My children are all asleep and it is just barely 8:30! This does not happen, ever!

My two June babies (K & L) are night owls. L is still little so I can sometimes trick him into sleeping but K will be up much later than even I am awake. Typically I head to bed around 10:00.... asleep anywhere between 11 - 12:30, depends on the night. Now, some nights I do get to sleep earlier I think from exhaustion.

Speaking of sleeping it reminds me, I have been having very vivid dreams lately. The kind that, while not scary exactly, leave you shaking and confused. I have been waking up more and more at night. Dazed and confused, wondering what woke me up and then remembering my dream. Was it real? Was it is a dream? I almost want to ask people, "Did I talk to you last night?" It is weird.

Anyway, homework is done, house is actually clean, kids are asleep..... so what should mom do?? Ummm, ENJOY THE QUIET!!!!!


Esmerelda said...

Good for you! I hope you enjoyed the quiet...and the dreams...were they accompanied by drool? 'Cause I'm not really dreamin' if I'm not droolin, too!

TxGambit said...


Of course. Drool and dreams, they just go together right?