Saturday, February 10, 2007

Break day!

The Ex is coming today!!! Whooohooo. This means I get a break! I can just hop in the car and take off. I'm tagging him in when he gets here and I'm out! Plus I get to get out with Goofball tomorrow night. And, that is probably the bestestestest part about the ex coming!

Though it does mean my space is going to be invaded for a few days. This part kind of creeps me out. I feel like I have to "hide" stuff. My computer especially. My Yahoo Messanger opens automatically, though signs in invisible so nobody would know but STILL!!!!! What about the "surfin" history? Do I want him to see that? What about all my favorites, will he look through my list just to see where I go? I'm not saying he will snoop, he normally isn't that type but if its r.i.g.h.t there, would he look? And, it isn't like I'm wrong or I owe him a damn thing but its my life now and I don't want him to know or be a part of it.

Plus I'm sure he will make comments about my house being messy or the cats or a million other petty shit that he really doesn't have to worry about because he left, he made a choice so he will just have to fucking live with how I live.

But, ya know, as always the good of the situation far out weighs the bad!!!! When he does come and the kids ask for something, I say "See your Dad..." or "Its daddy time. Go ask/tell him." I still have to be here because I have school and no laptop, otherwise I would soooo not be here! I'm guessing next time he comes I will be able to just up and go since I only..... 2 wks and 2 days left of schoooooooooool!

I have plans. Lots of plans. The two things I am looking forward to is going for one of my long drives and of course, like I said in the beginning, getting to Goofball tomorrow night.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Esmerelda said...

HIDE the computer!! Look at my blog from September/October when sleazeball found the way I was communicating my mental state to my friends. Now I'm saving it as proof of his instability. But he thought nothing of looking through my stuff. Dumbass.

ENJOY for you!! I am also free this weekend, and I may go for a run...if it is more than 30 degrees outside...otherwise...gym!

Schloobie said...

Have a great time!

TxGambit said...

Es, Oh yeah, I have read some of that! Echoing, "dumbass"....

Aimee, Thanks girlie! Not as fun as Mexico though. ;)

Update: He arrived and now they are all gone. Aaawwww, the quiet!

Okay heading to the liquor store. Mama is getting drunk.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Have a FABULOUS weekend or debauchery. Or at least of long drives and margaritas.

(Not together)