Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gotta get out of my head!

Because I can't hear the other voices anymore... just mine. (Just kidding! or am I?)

I am overthinking everything, stressing about everything and I just need to chill the F#$% out!

At least I received my tax return so now I can FINALLY get caught up on bills. I can go buy the kids some clothes that they need for school and maybe, just maybe I can get a few new things for work. But, here still, I need to be very careful, I will get behind again quickly if I'm not careful. But, honestly, we all need just a few items.

So current stressors:

1. SCHOOL - only a few, just a few more days!
2. Kids - Its mostly over the clothes. They need them, I haven't had money... problem is now solved!
3. The ex - Can't do much about this but I chewed his butt out about not seeing his kids more.... so it might help. But, it is probably more of a band-aid, didn't resolve the true problem.
4. WORK! - We are soooo busy and I'm still waiting to hear about a permanent position. Ugh!
5. Car - It is falling apart slowly.... I need a new(er) one. Gotta wait on the job situation.
***(update below)6. Something I don't really want to talk about but I'm sure it will be fine..... If its not..... I can't even let myself think that because that is what is TRULY driving me crazy.
7. My house - Its a mess. Its just a plain wreck. Not much to do about it until the weekend.

So mostly petty stuff. All of it is either something I will deal with or it will go away so no bigs.

But, ya know, sometimes ya just gotta lay it all out there to make yourself feel better.

And, if that doesn't do it, have fun with the kids. We were blowing bubbles...... but not outside! Nope, right in the house. Second night in a row too. My kids think I'm so cool, okay well sometimes.

UPDATE: #6 is no longer a problem so that is just another stressor that can be checked off the list! Whoohoooo! TGIF!!!!!

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Esmerelda said...

I make lists when I'm losing my mind, too. It helps me cope.