Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Catching fireflies

There are few things that I have truly going for me!

One, I am finally in the place I have needed to be for YEARS! Divorced. Also, hey I live in Texas, what could be better than living in your hometown/state. Oh and HAPPY! Did I mention that one?

Two, my kids. I love those little spoiled brats more than I could even imagine possible. They are spoiled, they are brats but they are mine!

Three, I have a job, though this is also something negative too since it is just a temp job.

Four, almost done with school. But, also another source of heartburn.

Five, I have GREAT friends! Both in real life and online. I would be lost with out them.

Six, Goofball. I have met this person that makes me laugh and that I just really am enjoying getting to know.

Past those things… everything else is a flat out mess! Chaos, chaos, chaos! House, car, job, school, finances…. All of it just crazy. Heck I'm not even that great of a mom.... Good but not great (read that blog entry later).

You know how people will often mention how we juggle things. Everything is a ball and we juggle them.... Well I imagine all these little fireflies and I’m trying to catch them. Say each thing like house, car, kids are represented by a firefly and I have to catch them and put them in a jar. Here is how I feel..... When I catch one, I put it in the jar. Then go after another, catch it, put it in the jar but I wasn’t careful enough and let the first one out. And the fireflies are everywhere so I’m chasing one but then see another is closer, so go after it….. and it just continues!

I won’t really go into toooo much details about all the chaos I feel though because I really do hate to complain. I truly do have a good life and sometimes I just need a reminder of that!


Mama Drama Jenny said...

Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed the only thing that helps me is counting my blessings.

Well, that and a margarita.

TxGambit said...

Thanks Jenny.

Yum, margarita.