Saturday, February 24, 2007


Okay so it is Sunday again (okay I'm cheating and doing this on Saturday night!).

This means another race! This time the Auto Club 500 out at the California Speedway. I may end up missing a lot of this race because of plans I have tomorrow but we shall see. If I'm at my parents' house maybe I can talk them in to letting me watch it.

So I was checking out the NASCar website and saw that they had the commercials on there from the Daytona 500. My own personal opinion (could be a bit bias here) is that these were better than the batch from the Super Bowl this year which I normally like.

If you check out the commercials.... You have got to check out the Oreo Yum one. In fact, just check it out!!! It is soooo worth it. Page 2.

Oh and Dale Jr qualified 5th again. Let's just hope he has a better week. Finish this race without wrecking, Dale, please?

UPDATE: Okay Dale is out. Damn! Something is going on with engines out there because several of the top drivers are struggling. While others are doing really great. GO TONY!!!!!

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