Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now

Since becoming a single mom, I have connected with other single moms. At some point talk always lands on guys and dating. What I have noticed is that we seem to classify them by "Mr. Right" and "Mr. Right Now."

This does not mean that Mr. Right is the "one" but just that this is a person that we can see ourselves with long term or that this person has certain things we are looking for. If it works, it does. If not okay.

For Mr. Right Now, this is more a fling or someone that maybe is just fun but if it got serious, it would be over. This might also be someone that we just keep in the "friend" catergory.

We also seem to have a "list" of things we want in the other person. There may be "must-haves" and then there are "Optional" or "bonus" items. For the most part, my list has stayed the same since high school. I'm not going to list them here or at least not right now. But most of my list is personality and character of the person more than looks. For looks, my taste varies so much.... From Kevin James to Dale Jr to Chris Daughtery (from last season's American Idol)..... But, really bottom line for me is how you treat me, children and animals. But, the other thing that really matters is kissing. I love to kiss. I could just do this forever with the right person.

So anyway, that is all I had to say on that. There was no true point to this, just something I was thinking about after several conversations with some of my friends.

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trappedintime said...

Live for the moment BABY!