Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yet Another Party from Party Central

And not for the Super bowl. I may be one of the few that is neither having nor attending a Super Bowl party. I may or may not watch the game.... I guess I need to make a decision on that soon it starts very shortly. But just wait, in 2 weeks for the Daytona 500! Probably no party but I will be REALLY excited about it.

Since H-man's b-day was on Monday, we waited until today to do his party with his friends. I only served cupcakes, ice cream and Kool-Aid.... yes 6 11 year old boys hyped up on sugar. Oh the fun! They were sword fighting with anything that looked like a sword and even some things that didn't.... like a coat!

There were actually 11 kids total: K, two of her friends, L and another sibling so it was good. The girls stayed hyper longer than the boys.

They played kickball, me too! and played in the yard for the first half. Then the call of the video games was just too overpowering.

H got an Air Hog Rocket. I couldn't find it online but it is sort of like this toy. Now if Johnny Knoxville from MTV's Jackass every retires, H could totally take his place. See the premise of this toy is you pump it full of air and then launch it. And the thing goes HIGH! Well H thought it would be a good, no great idea to stand over it before it launches. Basically jeopardizing my future grandchildren. I warned him as any good mother would, then laughed my head off, tears running down the face after he was doubled over in pain. He is fine by the way, thankfully it mostly hit his thighs.

Now all the children are at home. The house is more or less clean. K went with a friend to a Super Bowl Party so its just me and my boys.

I guess I will turn on the game. Do I cheer for the Bears or the Colts? I really don't care but if the Bears win, will they do a remake of the Superbowl Shuffle?


Esmerelda said...

I'm watching the game to see Billy Joel, Prince, and the commercials.

trappedintime said...

Manning deserved the win. It is about time, yes i feel sorry for him. Your are a cruel mother, funny, but cruel. I guess is it nascar season again?