Friday, February 16, 2007

Hot Monkey Sex Friday

So I keep wanting to post in celebration of Fridays as Esmeralda Soon to be just me. Each week I either forget or last week I was going to post some very personal stuff about myself but chickened out!

This week I am not only going to post in celebration but I got to celebrate it as well! (But that's all I'm saying!!!! No deets!)

Today was a good day for me! It was a Friday off, which means I get to sleep in, spend a little extra time with the kids in the morning before they head off to school. I get to go to the store (Target and Petsmart today) without the "I wants" of the children. It also means that I got to see Goofball. (maybe that's why I'm still smiling even though L just wrote all over the wall and K has her BFF over and there is all kinds of crazy girl stuff going on. Giggling and squealing and the cell phones!)

First while I was out shopping a good friend of mine called. I'm so glad to be back in touch with her!!! And, so amazingly happy for her. She has the cutest baby! He was in the background just making all kinds of happy baby sounds!

So then met Goofball for lunch and just general hanging out.... After lunch, I picked up L at day care and took him to speech. After that, we grabbed some drinks and a snack and headed over to the park! A little chilly but not too bad a day at all. We blew bubbles, rolled down a hill (seriously!) and I learned my little baby can do the monkey bars.... without help! He is 4.... er 4 1/2! When did he get so grown.

Wrapped up with taking the kids out for dinner and then ice cream. Oh and a phone call from Goofball just to say Hi.

So to all, I hope you had a good day and if you didn't, that's okay. The sun will come out tomorrow.....

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