Monday, February 26, 2007

Lines are just a suggestion

Today at work, a co-worker asked me what the red line down the middle of the steno pad was for. Honest to gosh, I don't know.... I thought it had something to do with short hand but honestly I don't know and never really paid much attention to the line or any lines for that matter (except when the kids' school list says wide-ruled only and all I can find is college ruled.... but that's something completely different!)

See I think lines are just a suggestion. Why should I be confined to just this little bitty space, when I want to be so big!!!! At least in my words, at least in how I feel, at least in how I want to live.....

It is so weird because if you know me, I am quiet but this I guess is just one of my many contradications. I am quiet and I am loud! Just honestly depends on my mood and who I am around. Most of the time, I think I am quiet. And, you may also remember I don't like to be the center of attention so does being big really describe my personality?

Well I think it can. I want to see things, everything I can! I want to experience things, everything I can! I don't want to be held back or told I can't. I want to express myself and in some ways I want to make a difference.

I just don't think staying in the lines fits my plan for me.... Do you?


Esmerelda said...

Steno pads were designed for shorthand writing. The red line is so you can write all the way down the left side of the line to the bottom of the page then start again at the top on the right. In shorthand, you can fit a lot on a page. That's why traditional reporter's notebooks are so skinny...but those using shorthand needed to see the whole thing to type it out.

I'm chock full of useless informaiton.

TxGambit said...

Thanks. I was right!

Details, details. I still just write where ever I want! Lines or not. :)

trappedintime said...

At some point there has to be lines. Otherwise we may continue
with the same mistakes. A line helps to stop and take note, a pause.
phew! i must now rest.

g-man said...

Steno pads as a euphemism for boundaryless empowerment, holy crap I've turned into a corporate billboard. I wish I knew you better to answer your question, so I'll ask one instead. Do you find that there is comfort in the lines? Or at least knowing that the lines are there?

TxGambit said...

Lines what lines? I don't see lines.

No there is no comfort in the lines nor do I feel uncomfortable with them.