Saturday, February 17, 2007

Girls Rule and Boys Drool

A new Nick show is on right now called the Naked Brothers Band. The current episode is about one of the main characters, Nat Wolfe, having a crush on a girl that is part of their band, Rosalina. He is trying to figure out how to get her attention. He mentions to her, "Remember that night in Chicago when you kissed me?" She says that wasn't a real kiss it was just on the cheek, it doesn't count. There is a whole theme around this. She goes around and starts kissing all the boys on the check. One of the other boys says, "Why is she doing that?" Nat says, "She is proving a point." "What point?" "That girls rule and boys drool."

This brings me to another thought. My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Maria, the mom, is telling her daughter, Toula, about men and women. "Men are the head and women are the neck. The head thinks it is in charge but the neck tells the head where to look." (Or something like that) Basically just means that women are in control though they make the man think he is.

Just a follow up to a recent conversation I had. No true point, just some thoughts on why girls rule and boys drool! And, why even though us women want men to think they are in charge and making decision..... We are really in control! :)

Or maybe I'm just full of it.... Afterall, I am about to get my BS!

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