Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today is the DAYTONA 500!!!! This is just the biggest race of the year!

I have been trying to decide who I think will win.... and honestly, I don't care! As long its a good race!

I'm sooooo glad it is race season again!!!! Whoohooo.

UPDATE: The race is nearly finished. Most of the drivers that I would like to have seen win are out. Most recently Dale Jr, my fave all time driver. Tony Stewart is out. Even the Nextel Cup winner for 2006, Jimmie Johnson is out. And, so many more. The race is now red flagged, which means they will stop until they clear the track of the debris from the most current wreck that took Dale Jr out. At this point, I am cheering Mark Martin to win! He is a veteran of the sport and has been driving amazingly well. So once they green flag the race, it will be 3 laps to go.

FINAL UPDATE: Kevin Harvick won. Mark Martin second. Damn! There was a wreck just before the final turn..... Kevin won just by a tiny bit. He became the driver in place of Dale Sr. when he passed away Feb 18, 2001.

Next week at California Speedway.

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Esmerelda said...

Kevin who? :-D